First Steps with aReception

To ensure a smooth start and effective implementation of the aReception terminal in your organization, we need some important information and materials from you. Please, follow the steps below:

1. Specification of Requirements

Once we mutually clarify your requirements for functionality, we will sign a contract and start preparing your terminal after payment of the invoice.

2. Name and appearance of the digital avatar

Choose a name for your new digital assistant and select its appearance.

3. Filling in Contact Details

Fill in the file export-sample.csv with your contact details. To ensure the correct characters, save this file in the format β€œCSV UTF-8”. It is enough to fill in the information that is subsequently used in the implemented scenarios (usually name and surname, phone number, and possibly email).

Description of Each Field:

  • firstName and lastName are mandatory fields. If you are only filling in information about the company, for the name, you can put "secretariat" and for the surname β€œcompany name”.
  • phoneNumber - phone number in the format "+420 123 456 789" or "+420123456789".
  • isActive - true or false.
  • picture - do not fill in the table, you will be able to upload a photo through the administration later.
  • type - e.g. employee.
  • location - e.g. city.
  • building - e.g. building A1 or street name and number.
  • organizationUnit - branch or company name.
  • secondPhoneNumber - second phone number, e.g. landline.
  • office - e.g. number or name of the office.
  • employment - position.
  • idNumber - identification number.
  • note - note.

4. Scenarios and Dialogues

An important part of preparation is defining the scenarios or dialogues that you want to have set up from the start. Examples may include:
  • Meeting: If a client comes to the company, the digital avatar will connect him with a phone call, and the visit will be saved in the Guest Book.
aReception (digital avatar): "Hello, how can I assist you?" Visitor: "I am here to see Mr. Doe." aReception: "Shall I call John Doe for you?" Visitor: "Yes." aReception: Then connects the call. After connecting the call, John Doe has several options on how to respond: 1. He can connect with the visitor directly over the phone to arrange the next steps. 2. He can inform the visitor through the digital avatar that he will come to personally pick them up at the reception. 3. Alternatively, he can use a keypad entry to open the doors and allow the visitor entry into the building, or direct them where to go next. 4. If John Doe is unable to attend to the visitor at that moment, he can use aReception to redirect the call to the secretariat, where further instructions or assistance will be provided to the visitor.
  • Mail: For receiving courier packages, aReception can either call the relevant person or allow the package to be left at the reception.
  • Information: Providing information about the building or surroundings.
  • Navigation: Assistance with searching for points of interest in the vicinity using Google Maps.
Send the filled file export-sample.csv with described scenarios and dialogues, the name and visual appearance of the avatar to the email address: